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Are you aware that at this very moment, there are so many animals and plants facing extinction, such as jaguars, rhinos, Texas Wild Rice, leopards, Wiggin’s Acalypha, elephants, tigers, Rafflesia Flower, pangolins, Stenogyne Kanehoana

Are you aware that so many plant and animal species on the planet are facing extinction? In 2018, three species of birds vanished from the face of the earth – forever! In 2017, a

Today, there are so many animal and plant species all over the world, that are facing extinction. Some of these are: ·   Darwin’s Fox (Lycalopex fulvipes): So named after Charles Darwin, the famed scientist,

New Year 2019 is here and you might have made a few resolutions. But, have you spared a thought to life on planet Earth? There are so many animals and plant life that are

Have you ever stopped to give a moment to think about our endangered species? More and more of the plant and animal species on this planet are going extinct, with each and every passing

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Recently, the last male northern white rhino died. There are many more animals that face extinction daily. Do you know that every 15 minutes, an elephant is poached? There remain now only 5 species

All over the world, there are many animals facing extinction today. Fact is, today, all over the globe, there are around 3,000 endangered species. Many species such as Elephant Bird, Atlas bear, Bali Tiger,

Do you know that there are so many animals that are on the endangered species list and that within a few years these animals could be wiped out from the surface of this planet

 What are you doing to protect and save the wild life on our planet?  Are you aware that there is an Endangered Species Act (ESA) and it has lists of protected animal and plant

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Are you aware that the list of endangered species on this planet grows with each passing day/night? But who cares right? We only care about ourselves and our own selfish lives right? Why would

Do you even give a thought about our wildlife that are facing extension and all because of the human race? Perhaps you are unaware of the following: ·         By the year 2050, the lion,

 What are you doing to protect our wildlife? Nothing? Isn’t that too bad? Do you feel that you cannot do anything to protect our wildlife from going extinct? Are you aware if you do

There are many species of wildlife facing extinction today. You can do your bit to prevent this extinction from taking place and save our planet and its wildlife. You can do small things like